All Pearl City graduates will be responsible citizens in the 21st century world of globalization, rapidly expanding technology and increasing cultural diversity.


The Highlands Intermediate faculty and staff will ensure that all Highlands learners will:

  1. Read and write at or above grade level
  2. Be prepared for 9th grade algebra
  3. Use technology to extend learning in all content areas
  4. Demonstrate responsible citizenship through service learning


  1. The Family Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  2. Notice of Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Statement
  3. Hawaii Department of Education
  4. Smarter Balanced Assessment Information
  5. PTSA Parent's Guide to Student Success
  6. Water Pollution Prevention

Welcome To Highlands Intermediate School


Pearl City High School Honors Program

8th Grade Students who are interested in the Honors Program at Pearl City High School, please come to the Back Office to sign-up during lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday. You need to get recommendations from your CORE subject teachers. The high school will decide whether to place you in Honors by your teacher recommendations, grades and test scores. If you are only interested in Honors math, the high school will base the decision solely on your teacher recommendation form. Should you have any questions, please see Mrs. Gebhard in the office.

Pearl City High School Summer School

PCHS Summer School applications are now available in the front office for $1.00 each or you can go online at the PCHS website and print them at no cost

Highlands Intermediate Summer School 2016

Pick up your summer school enrichment and credit recovery packets in the front office. Registration was on Saturday, April 23. You can still turn in application forms and payment to the Front Office during regular business hours.

8th Grade Banquet Dress Code

No Left Turn

Please note the No Left Turn signs entering and exiting HIS during the morning and afternoon hours. Traffic on Hoolaulea Street is very heavy during these times and creates a hazardous situation when trying to make the left turn. Thank you!

Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act

Upcoming Events

Spring Concert, Pearl City Cultural Center, May 7, 6pm

Achievement Day, Friday, May 13

7th Grade Class Day, 8th Grade Banquet, Tuesday, May 24

Last Day of School, Thursday, May 26>